2017 Secondary Schools 3x3 National Slam

Secondary Schools 3x3 National Slam
Tournament Dates:  March 30 - April 1
Registration And Entry Fee Due:  
Early Bird Closes Wednesday, February 22nd
All Registrations Close Wednesday, March 1st Wednesday, March 22nd
Host City:  Tauranga
Host Association:  Tauranga City Basketball Association   

Tournament Details
The 3X3 Slam is offering 4 competitions to Secondary Schools:
1. 2017 3X3 Junior Boys National Slam (year 9 and 10 only)
2. 2017 3X3 Junior Girls National Slam (year 9 and 10 only)
3. 2017 3X3 Senior Boys National Slam (Be under 19 years of age at the first of January in the year of the competition)
4. 2017 3X3 Senior Girls National Slam (Be under 19 years of age at the first of January in the year of the competition)

Recenly Added NZSSSC Regulations for 3x3 Basketball
Introduce NTS quota introduced for 3x3 basketball. The NZSSSC board agreed to add 3x3 basketball to the list of NZSSSC quota sports. While a quota of 1 was considered, to be consistent with other 3 sided sports in the NZSSSC NTS Quota list, and to better ensure students that move with genuine reason are not excluded, the quota was set at 2 (to be reviewed in the next cycle for 2019).
o Change:  3x3 basketball will have an NZSSSC New To School quota - max 2.
Primary Caregiver Relocation Exemption (PCRE).

PCREs were introduced to allow students that relocated with their primary caregiver and could not have reasonably been expected to remain at their previous school to be exempted from the New to School (NTS) quota for teams. Currently there is no maximum number of PCREs that can be included in a team.
o Change:  A MAXIMUM of 2 PCRE’s issued in any calendar year may be included in any team that has a NZSSSC NTS quota. (includes 3x3 and Premierships/Nationals)

Key Points when entering a team
No mixed teams.
A team consists of one coach, one referee and a minimum of three and a maximum of five players with only players on the team bench (teams do not have to have 5 players)
A team may play between 1-5 games a day.
Games will be schedule between 9am and 4pm every day.  Please be prepared to play at any time during this period (game times subject to change).
Teams will be expected to scorebench, minimum 3 people and adult supervision.  

Skills Challenge
BBNZ has reduced the number of skill challenges and will offer the following; 
Dunk comp 
3pt shoot out

Tournament Team Entry
Team Registrations will Open in January 2017

Please follow the below process for entering your team, note that you MUST register your team online first to be guaranteed a spot in your preferred competition.

1. Online Registration
The process for online entry will be through two online forms:
a. Online Team Registration – Enter your team via the online registration form you will be sent a confirmation email and a different link to enter your players into your team.
b. Online Player Registration – The mandatory fields required for players are: first name, surname, year level, date of birth, date of enrolment (see below), non/domestic student (see below) & new to school. 

2. Roster Sign Off
The School Principal must ‘attest that all students listed are bona-fide fulltime students at this school and their details as provided are true and correct as on MoE ENROL and on our official school records’.  This needs to be signed by principle and scanned/faxed back to BBNZ.  The Junior and Senior forms will be sent out in January with the registration links.

Each School MUST provide a referee for each team (ie 2 teams, 2 referees etc).  A referee clinic will be held at the tournament to up-skill referees with the rules of 3X3.  The referee’s full details must be provided when registering your team, please note you must provide this information upon registering otherwise your team will be withdrawn.  It is the responsibility of the School to ensure:
referee details have been submitted to BBNZ before the due date;
the referee knows they have been put forward to referee;
any referee expenses incurred (ie accommodation, travel, food etc) must be coved by the School; and
if a referee is not supplied, your team will not be entered into the tournament.

If you have any questions on referees please contact Melony

If you or your nominated referee are unsure of any rules please find the 3x3 Rules of the Game video here (please note there are some slight changes in the 3x3 Slam rules): HERE

Team Entry and Fee
For a limited time only, there is an ‘Early Bird’ offer to Schools of, $200+GST for North Island teams and $100+GST for South Island teams.  This offer is only available once payment and online registration is completed and submitted.  The offer closes midnight Wednesday, February 22nd 2017.  

If your School misses the early bird offer the cost for team entry after Wednesday, February 22nd is $300+GST for North Island teams and $150+GST for South Island teams. Payment and the online registration must be completed and submitted by Wednesday, March 1st 2017.

FIBA 3X3 Planet
As a player, by joining the FIBA 3X3 Planet, you’ll be able to compare your skills with your friends, and even with pros on the international circuit.  The more events you play, the more ranking points you’ll get.  You may even catch the eye of national selectors as they look to identify talent for New Zealand Representative 3X3. Register HERE

Mouthguards are compulsory for all players.