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Basketball New Zealand’s SportsTG Online Management System (formerly Fox Sports Pulse) has been rebranded to ‘The Huddle’.

You might recall that Basketball New Zealand launched a funding campaign under The Huddle brand in 2013. That campaign has since finished, but we have held onto the brand to assign it to something that all associations can use on a collective project, and the promotion of this online management system is ideal. 

For current SportsTG users, nothing changes to your day to day use of the system. We’re simply personalising our online management system to make it easily identifiable for our members as well as others in the game. The Huddle will soon become your one-stop for all things SportsTG related.

The online SportsTG system helps associations manage their day to day activities from team registrations, competition management and the maintenance of a comprehensive membership database. It is also possible to run customised reports, collect payments and use the system to communicate to your members.

More Benefits from using The Huddle:

1. Information is power

Basketball New Zealand needs to ensure that the data we collect is accurate. This allows us to report to Sport NZ and prospective sponsors with up to date details on participation numbers right across the country. It also enables us to gather insights that Associations can use to tell the story of how basketball is growing, which is useful when approaching potential funders or sponsors.

The all-important flow on effect from having our associations using one consistent system means we know who is playing basketball, where they’re playing and when. This is information we can all use to better the game.

2. Free for Associations

Basketball New Zealand has made The Huddle available for associations to utilise, free of charge.

3. Only one database

There is no longer a need to synchronise FIBA Organizer with your online database. No more confusion or difficulties surrounding Membership Synchronisations. All of your competition and member data is housed in the one database.

4. Access from any computer with an internet connection

No need to have only one laptop or computer with access to your important data. The Huddle will be accessible from any computer with an Internet connection and all data is housed on our secure servers so there’s no risk of losing your data if you have computer troubles. No need for any tricky network installs – as many or as few users can be simultaneously logged in to your database as you like.

5. Schedule automatic uploads

Uploads to your website can be scheduled automatically. This means that all your results and ladders can be updated on your website without you having to turn on a computer or lift a finger. No need for confusing outgoing mail server information or processing Competition Uploads.

6. Ability to enter results in online

Results for your matches can be accessed and entered online, which means you don’t have to enter in results on your own or just from the one computer. You can even enter your results on a mobile device or tablet

7. More efficient support processes

Not having your data housed on the desktop of your computer means that any issues you’re having are able to be easily seen and identified in your online database. No need to email reports or databases to get the help you need. SportsTG also has staff in New Zealand to provide face to face training.

8. Continual development and enhancement

New and exciting enhancements will be regularly released across the course of a season. Basketball New Zealand and the New Zealand based SportsTG team are working closely on future updates to the system as well as delivering comprehensive training for Associations across the country. These updates will be ready to be launched early next year.

More Information:

If you would like to discuss how your association can benefit from using The Huddle, please don’t hesitate to contact us here. If you would like a copy of the huddle imagery to display on your association website please let us know.

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