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Player Agents Certification

In order to become a FIBA-accredited agent, there’s a number of steps involved, the first being to submit an application to become an agent and then to attend a test and personal interview. Ken Madsen, as Deputy Chairman of FIBA’s Legal Commission, is authorised to conduct such tests and interviews in the Oceania Zone/region.

Ken will be conducting a test (subject to numbers) in Melbourne, Australia as follows-

Please note the orginial dates have changed:

DateFriday 27 May 2011 Friday 10 June 2011
Time – 10.30am (to conclude by 12:00 noon)
Venue -Basketball Australia Boardroom, Level 3, 256 Coward Street, Mascot NSW (this is adjacent to Sydney Airport).

Applications close  – Friday 29 April 2011 (in exceptional circumstances, Ken would accept a late application but that would then cut down the time available to you to study the test material).

The process involves submitting an application to Ken Madsen (see the attachment) This application must be accompanied by-

  • a police certificate/”national search” (issued in the country of your domicile); the certificate must not be older than 6 months at the time of the test; such certificates are available through your local police station (there is a fee charged by police for this and it could take up to three weeks to be available);
  • two passport-size colour photographs;
  • remittance of an administration fee for $A250 payable to Basketball Australia;.
  • Attending as above for a personal interview and test;
  • The test is of 25 multiple-choice questions, of which you must get 25 correct to proceed to accreditation.

Provided that you pass the test and other matters are acceptable to FIBA, on payment of a fee of CHF1000 invoiced by FIBA in Geneva (this fee is payable annually), then the agent’s licence is issued.

Following receipt of an application, copies of the material from which the tests are drawn will be dispatched electronically.

Note that in both Australia and New Zealand, it is necessary to be accredited by FIBA even if operating as an agent in the domestic market only.

Practising lawyers are exempt from the test but not from the CHF1000 annual fee.

At conclusion of the test, there would be a short presentation on the Basketball Arbitration Tribunal which has been established to resolve contractual disputes between players, clubs, and/or agents.

Please contact Ken on +61 417 724 843 and then Click Here to download the application form.