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Live streaming

Video and livestreaming company will be providing the coverage of the FIBA Oceania Pacific Championships. will be well known to the basketball community by now, having provided the livestreaming coverage from all the BBNZ age-group national championships this year, along with livestreaming of the Bartercard National Basketball League.

“With two courts operating concurrently at the championship, we will be livestreaming both at the same time,” says producer Gareth Hare.

“As usual, there will be a livestream page for each of the streams, but we will also have both streams available on our own website so that people can easily keep track of what is happening and watch both games at once if they have enough bandwidth.

“Te Rauparaha Arena is a great venue and we look forward to being able to broadcast from there again.

The last time we were there, we covered the FIBA Oceania U19 series over three days, but this provides more of a challenge. As well as the live action, we hope to provide lots of courtside updates and a magazine-style approach to capture the whole event, rather than just the games.

“Its going to be a great event and we look forward to using our livestream platform to provide coverage from there”.

One of the key aspects of livestreaming is that the video is stored on the site as it is broadcast.

“People may not realise that although it is broadcast live, the video is also available ON DEMAND, so they can visit the site at any time and watch coverage from earlier that day or from previous days,” said Hare.

“You can even do instant replays and then choose to watch live again with a single click or keep watching from there, or pause the action and come back to it later”

“Our tag line now is that it’s just like TV! For the finals of tournaments, we use three cameras and switch between them, and often we have great commentators as well, which really adds value and makes it TV-like.

“Viewers are also now plugging their big screen TV into their internet connection and getting the livestreaming up on there, the quality is generally that good.

“There are always challenges with internet connections at both ends, but when it’s all working as it should, it’s fantastic. People agree that is actually just like TV, which is very pleasing, because that’s what we are aiming to provide.

“Our other challenge is just getting people to realise that it’s there – often people just don’t realise it’s available.

“When they do, they can’t quite believe that its that good!” said Hare.

The more that associations can get the word out, the better because livestreaming from tournaments provides an amazing opportunity to provide coverage of the events for those that cannot be there, but also to showcase the talent that’s on display and profile the sport here in NZ and overseas.

Scouts from the USA have been able to watch a lot of our young players in action, including the likes of Jack Salt from Westlake Boys and Tessa Boagni from Christchurch Girls at the recent secondary schools championships.

“The boys semifinal between Westlake and Rosmini has attracted 3350 views so far,” said Hare. “That is huge and it shows just how much interest there is out there from people once they get to know it’s available”.